Te amo _Pinkk Lady

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For West Malaysia orders, 7-14 days to courier out.
For East Malaysia orders, the shipment might take a longer time to arrive.

Please scroll down for mask size and type details explanation.

Box Set Option :
- Duaply's reusable fabric mask.
- Reusable mask case.
- Include 20 sheets of coated PPE filter.
- Include x2 ear loop rubber stopper.

Mask Only Option :
- Duaply reusable fabric mask in a zip lock bag.
- Include 2pcs of rubber stopper.

Material Description :
- Front Layer : Water Repellent Microfiber fabric.
- Back Layer : Antimicrobial Cotton fabric

- End product is without logo watermark.
- Tolerance between visual and actual items around 5 - 10%.
- Duaply's mask is washable and reusable.

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Te amo

Te amo in Spanish is “I Love you”
In any situation, everyone deserves to be love and loveable.
Even you are alone in your life journey now, just look around the surrounding
The flower, air, sky is expressing love to us, telling us:” Te amo”

I name this art piece as Te amo. Hope that each of us can always feel the love is around us, and always express love to our love one.
Remicle • Image and Text

Pinkk Lady

Pink color is a combination color of Red and white color. The red colour is a color represent brave, love, passion, ambition. White is pure color and full of all possibilities. With combination two of this essence, it allows Pink to bring gentle strength, Lovely, & Enthusiastic.

It just like our life journey, we have gentle strength for us to have the courage yet not recklessness, have a Lovely heart to be compassionate yet not obsessive, enthusiastic yet not aggressive.

Pinkk Lady is an amateur artist who loves to express life stories through art just like the essence of Pink color. She hopes that her art piece may touch people's hearts and light up life journeys. 



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Normal Elastic Ear loop with rubber stopper.
Suitable for all age groups.

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Special design dual 8mm elastic band with length adjuster.
Suitable for adult users with hijab.

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Special design dual 4mm elastic band with rubber stopper.
Suitable for kid users with hijab.

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Special design with normal elastic ear loop with additional neck strap to prevent lost.
Suitable for kids & toddlers. 

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        Box Set / Single Pack

        Box set come with a reusable mask container and a stack of 20 sheets coated PPE filter. Browse our gallery for more details.

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        Quality & Fitting

        In order to craft the best looking mask with essential safety features, we insist to use only good quality material.

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        Mask Sizes

        Duaply provide 4 different mask sizes to fit different age group users. Please check your size before purchase.