About Us

           Remicle • A picture with a caption                  

Duaply ’s brand name was inspired by using the word “DUA” in Bahasa Malaysia and “PLY” in English, combined which simply means 2 layers.

 Why are those 2 layers you ask?

The 1st layer is material that makes the mask and the 2nd layer is the soul, the artworks, the designs, the paintings. A layer with repeated lines and forms creating an eye-catching output!

Our passion, to give a plain-looking item a new stunning soul.

In Duaply, we value craft & creativity.

If you’re an artist,  we believe that your creativity and artwork can make a difference to the ONE who wears it!
If you would like to feature your artworks on merchandise, join us in this artistic raving party!

If you’re a consumer who values art,  you can now have art printed on your desired merchandise! Most importantly,
your support will encourage more local artists to create stunning and splendid artworks to light up our nation!