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Art is not what an artist sees, it is "what" an artist makes others feel.

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Remicle - Sample 3 for three columns

Artist Janet Lee-The Plum

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Remicle - Sample 3 for three columns

The Grace-Love & Hope

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Remicle - Sample 3 for three columns

Latest in house design

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Remicle - Sample 3 for three columns

(NEW) Sharulaimer-Wisdom

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Remicle - Sample 3 for three columns

(NEW) ART:TECH-The Guidance

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Dymphna Lanjuran-    Wild Heart Vibrant Spirit

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Art:tech is a self taught artist, illustrator, designer, motion graphic designer and drummer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

These days, he thinks a lot about how the world works, questioning physical reality, understanding existence, and addressing those subjects through his work. The aesthetic of cultures & religions, the human advancement in technology & science, Transhumanism and the Resource Based Economy movement attracts him and has since become the influences in some of his recent artworks.

The combination of traditional drawing and digital graphic is a symbol of merging two world into one; the analog and the digital, the old and the new, the art and the technology. Art inspires technology. Imagination creates reality.

Art is technology / art:tech

Remicle • Image and Text
Remicle • Image and Text


Sharulaimer love for art is a complex thing. He started in a sort of stream-of-consciousness manner in the mid-2009s, his incessant love of a good story, his craving for aesthetically lovely things, and non-stop desire to create beauty what inspired him.

Starting out as a photographer himself, his style of work in capturing every moment with exceptional style and transform it into cohesive stories, what defines him. Since he held no formal in-depth knowledge of the rules and concepts defining art in the field, but rather experienced it through life journey and try to blend in with surroundings that inspired, which in turn, has set him on a lifelong journey attempting to capture something that is beautiful through his art pieces.

IG : @sharulaimer | | @sharulaimer_photography


Aleng Tohara, a self-taught artist, is a bit of a poet himself too. Starting his art ventures in 2001, his artworks are often linked to his poetry and are all based on true stories about himself, what he has gone through in the past or present. He loves gold, the vibrant gold, and are often attracted to earth materials and wood colours. He likes free flow abstract painting. 

Alengtohara’s art pieces influence of humanity themes poem he wrote, synonym to sense and sensibility. Titles of most of his artworks are names of special people, songs or places. 

FB: /aleng.tohara |  IG: @alengtohara 

Remicle • Image and Text
Remicle • Image and Text

Dymphna Lanjuran

Dymphna Lanjuran is a former lawyer turned artist-curator and gallerist. She founded Inner Joy Art in 2019. Inner Joy Art is an art gallery and studio in Section 16, Petaling Jaya with the vision of bringing happiness through art experience.

In Inner Joy Art, impactful art exhibitions with specific messages and themes by local and international artists are developed, curated, and produced.

Dymphna also conducts acrylic painting classes to further spread the joy of art. Personally, her art style is abstraction using mainly a palette knife as her preferred painting tools.

Series of her artworks can be found in Inner Joy Art as well as in the private collections of art collectors all over Asia.

FB:  |  IG:


I am a marketing ninja by day and a doodler by night.

Art is probably the only way that helps me to relieve the stress of working in a busy computerized office environment and putting pen to paper is about as analog as you can get, utilizing the brain in a different way.

My works are inspired by my everyday life, friends, people I see on the street, movies, books, colors, and anything that makes me feel some sort of connection to my creative side. |

Remicle • Image and Text
Remicle • Image and Text

Nibs & Floral

Emmy, founder of Nibs & Floral is an artist and illustrator who is passionate in exploring human connection through art and encouraging empowerment through artistic expressions. 

Her work encompasses around nature-inspired lifeforms with detailed lines and colours that arouses secondary interpretation on the depth and essence behind her designs.


Born and bred in Malaysia, Janganjeles is a homegrown ‘garage-brand’ that specialises in street fashion with tattoo-influenced designs. Known as the ‘Home of the Proud’, Janganjeles aims to instil pride for Malaysia and its design scene.

Facebook: janganjeleslah   |   IG: janganjeles

Remicle • Text and Image
Remicle • Image and Text

Hidden Rainbow

Jean, a freelance painter and illustrator by trade, Jean Lynn takes pride in every piece that she creates, imparting a little bit of herself in every colorful stroke that she leaves behind. Her murals can be found at Kl, Rawang and Muar.

Instagram : @jlynnppg

Artist Janet Lee

Janet Lee was born epileptic with learning disabilities and developmental challenges. She struggles with daily communication while experiencing unpredictable seizures occasionally in her life. However, Janet has found a breakthrough with her love, passion, and innate ability in creating art.

With more than 80 unique canvas paintings in a variety of abstract themes and viewscapes, Janet takes art beyond the canvas from passion to painting to print.

FB: @artistjanetlee  |  IG: @aristjanetlee

Remicle • Image and Text
Remicle • Image and Text

Pinkk Lady

Pink color is a combination color of Red and white color. The red colour is a color represent brave, love, passion, ambition. White is pure color and full of all possibilities. With combination two of this essence, it allows Pink to bring gentle strength, Lovely, & Enthusiastic.

It just like our life journey, we have gentle strength for us to have the courage yet not recklessness, have a Lovely heart to be compassionate yet not obsessive, enthusiastic yet not aggressive.

Pinkk Lady is an amateur artist who loves to express life stories through art just like the essence of Pink color. She hopes that her art piece may touch people's hearts and light up life journeys.